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We are confident our more than 60+ years of combined experience in fundraising, finance and operational support services will help your non-profit to be more successful!

About Us


Cause and Solution's professional staff includes MBAs, CFREs, CPAs and b-CRE's. We are highly skilled and experienced in fundraising development; project management; system integration; and operational and financial management for non-profits. We are confident that our 60 years of combined fundraising experience can help your organization further its Cause with the right Solution. We provide Professional Managed Services for non-profit foundations; offer the very best in Professional Fundraising Solutions within every level of foundation operations; we are committed to the integrity and stewardship that non-profit accounting requires; and are proud to be a part of the Blackbaud Partners Network.


While we have the privilege to work with so many wonderful Causes across the country we also believe it is important to help be a part of the Solution too.  Which is why we believe in helping to give back to the communities we serve whenever possible and encourage other organizations to consider being a part of the Solution for their favorite Cause as well! 

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"...; to bring about; make happen; effect; include; produce; compel, etc.  - to work together toward the same objective; join forces with."

- Webster

“We believe our core business is helping non-profit organizations to be more successful while understanding that every foundation is as unique as the causes they support."

- Cause and Solution



We provide professional fundraising administrative services in a variety of key areas that allow non-profit organizations the opportunity to spend more of their limited resources on revenue generating activities and less time having to manage complex donor and financial systems. We are experts in donor database design, management, optimization and integration for more effective fundraising results for foundations within a single community, region or national setting. 

We provide Managed Services in the areas of:

  • Gift Processing and Donor Acknowledgement

  • Database Management

  • Project Management

  • Accounting and Financial Management

  • Fundraising Reporting

  • BI Reporting (Power BI Dashboards)

  • Prospect Research and Portfolio Development

  • Graphic Design


We understand the resources that every non‐profit needs to be successful, no matter the size or scope of their cause, to help make a difference in people’s lives.


As part of the Blackbaud Partner Network we bring the best of both worlds!


As clients, we have been using Blackbaud products for 25+ years. We grew from end users to becoming part of the executive leadership team that built an integrated national development model, around a single software platform….Blackbaud!

Cause and Solution partners with foundation leadership and key stakeholders to evaluate and assess operational and financial processes and procedures to deliver a comprehensive report that builds a pathway for improving integrity, stewardship and outcomes in donor management systems.

We provide Software Solutions, Implementation and Integrations for:

  • Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT

  • Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT

  • Blackbaud BBCRM

  • YourCause

  • Just Giving


Non-profit accounting is the embodiment of proper stewardship of funds, transparency in reporting and the commitment to maintaining trust with donors that their gift is being used for the intended purpose in which it was given  Cause and Solution provides consulting, training and policy and procedure review and development.  We also provide software solutions as a Blackbaud value added reseller of Financial Edge NXT


Cause and Solution offers an integrated approach to fundraising development for non-profit organizations that centers staff energy around an aligned fundraising strategy, engagements and achievements that elevates the conversation of philanthropy, and the impact giving, throughout the organization.

We provide consulting in the areas of:

  • KPI Performance Benchmarking

  • Major Gift Officer Training

  • Online Giving Solutions

  • Fundraising Program Evaluation

  • Employee Giving Solutions

  • General Fundraising Counsel


"...1 a) the act, method, or process of solving a problem. b) the answer to a problem. c) an explanation, clarification, etc."


"We are not just striving to be the best solution...we are striving to be the best  partner for your cause."

-Cause and Solution


"CSI [Cause and Solution] made an immediate and significant difference in our ability to provide a great donor experience. The more we work with them, the more value we receive in stronger donor relations and increased philanthropy."

Marykay Morelli, MBA

Vice President of Community Relations, Community Home Health & Hospice, Longview, Washington

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