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Solutions that Move Fundraising Forward

Fundraising development is a balance between acquiring new donors and stewarding existing relationships. Cause and Solution, Inc.™ is introducing add-in solutions through the Blackbaud Marketplace to provide easy to understand gauges and dynamic indicators to show potential opportunities on the road ahead.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide high-quality and easy to understand add-ins that align with Blackbaud NXT products and your non-profits needs.

We understand that you have a choice when it comes to solutions you choose to move your fundraising forward. The options in the of fundraising software and technology can be fast paced. As a company Cause and Solution, Inc.™ brings more than 60+ years of combined experience in executive fundraising development, operational and accounting support. Our team understands the needs that ever non-profit needs to be successful within every level of the organization because our origins are in philanthropy. With CPA, CFREs, bCRE-Pro, and BCFE-Pro certifications we integrate those skillsets and real-world experiences in fundraising and prospect development into our add-in solutions to give our clients insights to help better identify opportunities that may already exist within their Blackbaud products in easy-to-use displays.


See The New Top Prospect Likelihood Gauge App for
Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT!

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The Top Prospect Likelihood Gauge fits right inside your Raiser's Edge NXT screen for easy at-a-glance viewing. 
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Top Prospect Likelihood Gauge™ for Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT Overview

Overall Top Prospect Likelihood

The Overall Top Prospect Likelihood Gauge™ provides an average of the Four Key Indicators for Lifetime Giving, Recent Giving, Consecutive Giving and Wealth Rating. The constituent’s overall average is a snapshot of past and potential future giving to your cause. This gauge is a helpful tool for donor engagement strategies allowing each of the indicators to be weighed equally. While an Individual may score high in one of the indicators, i.e., Consecutive Giving, most donors will have an average score representing a progressive level of commitment, investment, capacity, and engagement.

The Top Prospect Likelihood Gauge™ comes with an easy-to-use information panel that contains descriptions and methods for capturing the most from this dynamic tool.

Four ‘Sub-Gauge’ Indicators

The Top Prospect Likelihood Gauge™ visually illustrates four key indicators of an Individual’s likelihood to be a top prospect for the organization. While no method is exact, these indicators help to make an informed decision about a constituent’s affinity to your cause and estimated likelihood of making a significant gift based upon their total giving: most recent gift, consecutive years of giving, and overall wealth rating.

Much like a stoplight, gauges roll from red indicators to progressively better green indicators and can be looked at as more than the sum of their giving. Rather, these indicators help to express a donor’s level of Capacity, Engagement, Commitment, and Investment in your foundation’s cause.


Indicator Lights

The Top Prospect Likelihood Gauge™ and the supporting Lifetime Giving, Recent Giving, Consecutive Giving and Wealth Rating scores give an overall picture of a donor’s affinity for your organization and capacity to support your mission. Like driving a car, an additional key to better understanding constituent performance can be easily illustrated through their engagement level. Meaning, are they a New or Recent Donor, Currently Giving or At-Risk of lapsing or being lost as a supporter? As we all know, the cost of raising the first dollar is far more than the cost to secure a renewed donor. Minimizing those donors that are At-Risk is the first line of renewal giving that can be addressed strategically to minimize any slippage into Lapsing, Lapsed and ultimately Lost indicators.

What we truly would not want to see are those constituent accounts scoring within the Developing, Maturing and High Likelihood scores on our Top Prospect Likelihood Gauge to begin appearing with a light in the At Risk, Lapsed Donor, Lapsed Donor or Lost Donor engagement categories.

Gas Gauge Indicators

How far would we get with no fuel in the tank? Even the fastest and most luxurious car would not get far unless it was fully charged and ready to engage each opportunity ahead.

A ‘Green’ Solicitor Assigned Fuel Gauge indicates that a Solicitor is Assigned, no matter the time period.

A ‘Red’ Solicitor Assigned Fuel Gauge indicates that no Solicitor is assigned at this time.

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